Cyber Security Essay

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Before this class, I was protecting my computers from viruses and such using Norton anti-virus. I previously had gotten a virus from someone else using my computer and in their email was spam that they opened. This contained a virus and shut down my whole computer. This cost me several hundred dollars and I lost a lot of precious information. I now make sure I backup everything downloaded on my computer. As for the internet, we do have a mi-fi and it remains password secured. There are many security measures developed today. Many are inexpensive and require not much more than common sense. There are many anti-virus programs available ranging from free to expensive. However, I have found that you get exactly what you pay for. At least that is what I have found to be true for myself. A mid to moderate range antivirus will usually suffice the common home computer user. Now when accessing the internet through means of wi-fi and such, the user needs to protect him or herself by using and setting password securities. The network needs to be a secured one and never save personal information on a commonly used computer. If your computer is a shared computer it is not wise to store personal information that can possibly be accessed. The system that James was able to access wasn’t a secured network and it obviously had important personal information stored on the main computer and it was accessed. I think both network security and internet security is equally important. Both can do you much harm if breached. In the future, I may tighten my security of my personal system. I also may not allow my computer to be shared or run on an unsecured network. I feel the benefits of the securities set in place will only help aid in the security of our personal information and thus allowing us the peace of mind to live life without someone wreaking havoc of our

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