Cyber Security Essay

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Lab #1 Lab Report Questions Cyber Security Starts at the Desktop Download this file to your computer and save it as name_Labxx_LabReport.doc. Type your answers directly under each question. Use proper grammar and complete sentences. Use your lab screen captures to provide information and examples for your responses to the questions on this worksheet. You also will need to use your textbook, your lab manual, and Internet Web sites to find additional information (beyond what you observed in this lab). 1. What are the minimum hardware and software configuration requirements for accessing the online labs? | The minimum hardware configuration requirement for accessing virtual online labs are vary, to access online labs, the effective virtual solutions for developing and maintaining a virtual lab setting is built around a central infrastructure of Hyper-V host grouped by Microsoft system center virtual machine manage (VMM) and running VMM self service portal 2.0 on top. This is what most schools used to set up their virtual test lab. The technologies include. Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-2, VMM 2008 R2, VMM self service portal 2.0, Windows server update services (WSUS), Forefront threat management Gateway TMG 2010, These are minimum requirement hardware configuration for accessing virtual online labs. While minimum software requirement consists of many software’s that makes online lab run effectively, There are many software’s that are registered with their respective owners and trademarks, such as Adobe Reader is a registered trade mark of Adobe system incorporated, Microsoft, Windows and windows server are all registered trademark of Microsoft corporation in the U.S and other part of the world. In addition, there is other software’s that we use to access online lab such as, Citrix, FileZilla, Firefox, Java, and others. Due to further research, UMUC cyber

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