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rity9/8/13 Interesting Essay From Europe. Cyber Security vs. Digital Freedom | Fortuna's Corner Ads by safesaver FORTUNA'S CORNER CYBER INFO SHARING & PROTECTION ACT “DEAD FOR NOW.” WHO AM I? LINKS TO MORE INFORMATION You can never have too much information – knowledge is your best weapon! INTERESTING ESSAY FROM EUROPE. CYBER SECURITY VS. DIGITAL FREEDOM May 26, 2013 · by Fortuna's Corner · in Cyber War, Cybers ecurity, Intelligence Com m unity, Internet, m ilitary his tory, national s ecurity, technology & innovation, US Military An interesting essay from Europe. Cyber Security vs Digital Freedom. Today people’s digital freedoms and the open internet are under threat. This is a truly global trend, though its manifestations differ. Repression and human rights violations have a growing technological component. We not only face concrete cybercrime/threats, in many countries, governments’ desire to control and repress have moved online. In other places it is rather their inaction and unbridled privatization of the web and the essential, critical functions or use related to the internet and technologies. There is also the risk that well-intended cyber security measures have disproportionate collateral impact on our digital freedoms. In defense of digital freedom 20.05.2013 Posted in: Content Types, Digital Agenda, Digital Freedom, EUROPA, Foreign Affairs, human rights, International Trade, Internet Politics, media, Timeline, Top Stories, Written Press This is a translation of an article originally published in Dutch in the International Spectator. Please find the Dutch version here. Cyber everywhere It is impossible to follow the news without being confronted with ‘cyber’ related issues. Cybercrime, cyber police, cyber-attack, cyber war, cyber terrorism, cyber Monday, cyber

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