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Cyber-schools will not increase the quality of education in America; it will increase the number of emotionally and socially inept children who are lacking in basic skills to function in real world situations. Although the educational system here in the United States is antiquated and in need of reform is another electronic “baby-sitter” the right answer for the problem. Our children are a product of the instant gratification epidemic that has captured us all with the influx of all things electronic. The world at your fingertips with a tap or click, a learned behavior we have already imprinted upon the impressionable young minds of our children. Children who live such electronically controlled lives that they react violently when their electronic persona has been insulted or even criticized. Socially inept the children we are raising are more inclined to violence than dealing with people in more mature ways. I understand from my research that here in the United States that one million students enter the ninth grade every year. Out of that number, only about seventy percent will graduate in their senior year. This is a shocking fact that I retrieved from a study by The Southern Education Foundation. I also looked into cyber schools already established in Atlanta Georgia and to be honest the program in Georgia is more successful as far as graduates of the program go but in the long run I do not feel that this is the best option for long-term nor for mass education. As a parent, I regulate which electronic devices my children can have and I regulate what content is available and how long they have access to said devise. A study by The Children Research Center states that children are very vulnerable online; one in five receive an unwanted sexual solicitation, one in thirty-three experience an aggressive approach by predators. One in four has experienced

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