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April 25, 2011 COMM 107 Professor Han Negotiating Cyberspace/Negotiating RL By: Radhkia Gajjala In Gajjala’s passage, it shows how this new “cyber” world has negative effects in our society such as porn and “next-sex” (89) which robs the pure innocence from our children. With the way the internet and technology works, it is easy to get ahold of information or entertainment. Although books, magazines and newspapsers are a source of information and are discursive spaces, varying in subjects, the internet is far worse. The web is interactive and live in some cases with Skype and webcams that are so readily available. Within these social networks, people begin to lose themselves. When people begin losing themselves they often make up a “cyberculture and identity” (88). These identities are created in order to share work, discuss issues, provide support, debate and engage in conversations. All of those seem like ways for people to connect with other people, maybe in ways they cannot in their real life. Maybe an individual cannot find people who share similar ideas, believe the same things, share a similar perspective or ideas. People as a whole and individuals need a social network in which to grow and advance our world. And instead of trying to find that in the real world, they seek it in that of a virtual reality – this deems to be unhealthy. Some situations can be healthy, but not all due to temptation. For example, a business man feels disconnected from his family and instead of trying to solve the problem at home, he Skype’s with another woman who he feels really understands him. They are both portraying a cyber-identity in which they are comfortable. The man begins to draw even farther from his family and deeper into a cyber-love affair. As he draws away from his wife, his sex life dwindles with it. Porn from the internet or from his

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