Cyber Forensics Essay

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Srinivas Yarlagadda 1548944 (Student Number) Forensic Administration MADS 6654 Prof. Mohamed Sheriff. (Instructor Name) April 14, 2014 Introduction One of the most important and famous cyber forensic detective agencies in Asian continent was CBI. It was better known as Central Bureau of Investigation. It is an Indian security agency which deals with conducting investigations in crimes, cyber issues, financial matters etc. It was associated with other biggest crime agency in India called RAW also known as Research and Analysis wing. It is an elite force which plays a role in public life and ensuring the health of the national economy. It is under the control of the Government of India. The CBI is involved in major criminal investigations, and is the leading Interpol agency in India. Agency headquarters is in the Indian capital, New Delhi, with the field offices situated in major cities throughout India (including Mumbai). The CBI is regulated by the Department of Personnel and Training of the Ministry of Personnel, Public affairs and Pensions of the Union Government, headed by a central Minister who reports directly to the Prime Minister. CBI is a global provider of comprehensive cyber crime solutions like registering the cases and providing R&D services in a high quality manner. It was globally recognized for its innovative approach towards cyber crime issues value and its commitment to sustainability. In today’s world, crime investigative organizations will have to rapidly reengineer themselves and be more responsive to changing and challenging crime needs of the society. CBI, one of the world's most trusted detective agency, is a name with a long history. Here's a snapshot of CBI journey to date. The CBI was established in 1941 as the Special Police Establishment, tasked with home land security. It was renamed the Central Bureau of

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