Cyber Crimes and Punishments Essay

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Running head: Cyber Crimes Cyber Crimes and Punishments Sharon Criminal Justice78 In this paper you will be introduced to several cyber-crimes and some of the punishment that they use to try and deter people using it to cause disaster in the computer networking environment. You will see the extent of cyber-crimes on the U.S. And how the countries are trying to handle how people are getting involved with the network. Cyber-crimes are spreading like wildfires in the woods and getting worse every day. Viruses are being made all the time and being sent out to computers everywhere. So when you’re online be aware of what you click on and how you open your email because there is no telling what’s inside of it waiting to attack your system. In this paper there will be points that will explain some of the issues that the legislation need to look into and change so it can deter some of the intrusions into people’s privacy. Cyber Crimes and Punishment Cyber Crimes refer to the criminal use of a network and pc, with the intentions of committing a crime, either to hack, copyright or conduct cyber warfare. Cybercrimes do not go unpunished. Several laws have been put into place to deter these types of crimes, but they weren’t successful. A lot of countries have put into effect, various legislations against cybercrimes. A lot of them were put into place to curb cybercrimes and propose of many ways of getting the criminals put behind bars. For committing a cybercrime. The first crime to be discussed is computer fraud. This takes place on the internet to change facts causing loss of data and information on your computer. Also the theft of your personal information off your computer. When this type of cybercrime is done it may or may not be beneficial to the perpetrator. The perpetrator may change bank

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