Cyber Bullying/Bullying Essay

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11/6/11 Cyber Bullying/Bullying You might ask yourself, what is cyber bullying? You might ask yourself, what the difference between bullying and cyber bullying is. You might even ask yourself, why this person is bringing up the subject about bullying and cyber bullying. Ill tell you why, because every person in their life has experienced bullying maybe not cyber bullying but actual bullying. Now some people can deal with it by standing up to it and doing something to make it stop, but not everybody can stand up to it or don’t have the courage to because its been brought down so much their afraid to. Some might think that this isn’t a big deal and shouldn’t be punishable by law but I think it should. For those people they need a reality check because this has a huge effect on young kids and teens dealing with this everyday. There was a thirteen year old boy named Ryan who was born in Poughkeepsie, NY, he was a sweet gentle lanky thirteen years old. He had problems with language and motor skills when he was almost in kindergarten and had to be put in special education through the 4th grade. When he was in the 5th he was taken out of special education cause he no longer needed it, but he still wasn’t as academically strong as his classmates. As he headed into the 5th grade he encountered his first bully problem. A certain bunch of kids found out about his weaknesses in academics and his poor physical coordination, he was told to ignore them and had help from a therapist to help him cope with these kind of things. By the end of the 5th grade he seemed to be doing just fine. He then entered middle school where the bullying problem came up over and over but not too bad to where his parents began to worry. Then he had a melt down one night while having dinner with his parents, saying he wanted to move or be home schooled because he hated school so much. His parents

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