Cyber Bullying Essay

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Jonathon B. Hall PSY 214-01 Professor S. Rene, MAT 02/24/2015 Cyber Bullying Behaviors among Middle and High School Students 1. General Summary Most of the young middle and high school youths that embrace online interaction and communications through the social media face diverse challenges related to cyber bullying. Although in the past few years, most of the young people have actively utilized the internet for educational purpose, the aspect of cyber bulling has drastically amplified. The article, Social Influences on Cyberbullying Behaviors among Middle and High School Students identified that the increase in utilizing the web and other electronic communication channels has ensured that the young generation remain updated with the current events. However, cyber bullying has affected the manner in which the young generation interacts with the peers, parents and educators (Hinduja & Patchin, 2013). Cyber bullying occurring in several of the social media platforms expose youths to mistreatment, harassment, interpersonal violence and aggression. Hinduja and Patchin (2013) argued that the aggression, hurting and denigrating messages by the bullies affects the middle childhood development in most children. 2. Analysis of the article, which include major points and specific details Hinduja and Patchin in the article, Social Influences on Cyberbullying Behaviors among Middle and High School Students discusses that most forms of cyber bullying has a major influence on the development of middle childhood. Furthermore, Hinduja and Patchin the authors of the journal article identify the dangers and negative influences that occur after exposure of cyber bullying to the children. A study undertaken in the article consisting of almost 4,400 twelfth grade students from different schools, indicated that 49 percent of the children affected by cyber bullying

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