Cyber Bullying Essay

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Everyone’s feelings are different. Some may say that the worst feeing that you’ll ever experience is losing, while others may argue that scoring lower than a ‘C’ on a test is heartbreaking. However, everyone’s perspective on this matter is unique and different in their own way. Although, I know and am positive that everyone would agree when I say that getting teased, taunted, picked on, or even receiving threats is not the worst feeling you’ll receive, because that is an understatement. All these aspects that were listed above such as teasing and taunting all fall under the category of bullying. Bullying is not the worse feeling you’ll experience because it’s far more than that. Words can not explain the pain and agony that bullying provides. Everyone is familiar with bullying, it has been going on for many decades now. However, in todays world with the new advanced technology we have gained a new, more impacting type of downgrading has evolved. It has brought innocent people to do things they never intended to do and has affected not only the victim but their peers and family as well. This new advancement is called cyber bullying and it may be the new trend but it’s definitely not the way to go. Now the question, “What is cyber bullying?” has been asked many times. Well, here’s your answer. It’s a crime often committed by peers. Yes, that includes your friends, acquaintances, or even your so called, best bud. Anyone is prone to committing this serious crime at any age, time, and under any circumstance. A more complex definition of cyber bullying is described as, when a child, preteen, or teen is tormented, threatened, harassed, humiliated, embarrassed, or in other words targeted by another through the internet or digital technology. And my favorite definition of cyber bullying is people that feel better by making others feel worse. So, think for a little bit, is

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