Cyber Bulling Summary

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Chris Caire Mrs. Pennycuff English Block 4 28 April 2011 “When Bulling Turns Deadly: Can it Be Stopped?” Later after reading John Clouds 2010 article “When Bulling Turns Deadly: Can it Be Stopped?” it was made clear that cyber bulling is and has been on the rise. Along with this growing problem there is also the matter in which cyber bulling has no distinct definition by law. Therefore it makes fighting cyber predators even harder. Cloud exclaims that everyone in society needs to be aware of this newly grown problem. Cloud expresses that the United States is falling prey to a new form of bulling and because there is no set guidelines for this new form of bulling many of young Americans are dyeing and he states that something needs to be done to stop it. John Cloud expresses cyber bulling is on the rise, and not getting any better therefore something needs to be done to stop these deaths. Clouds explaines different examples of how cyber bulling has affected the United States. Such as on October first a mother and father were forced to burry their thirteen-year-old child due to cyber bulling. It was said that a friend had filmed this thirteen-year-old boy kissing another male teen. Instantly this video hit YouTube and Facebook two of the most visited websites, and because of this, the young boy hung himself from the backyard tree. Later his mother finding his body where she continued to try and save him by putting him on life support where he died nine days later. Cloud mentions four more cases where this same problem of cyber bulling has claimed the lives of four other young adults. Likewise this problem doesn’t just apply to those who “come out of the closet” but everyone in society. There was also an Irish immigrant who was accused of being a whore just because she happen to be dating the popular boy in school. Later after being pushed so far she took her
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