Cyber Awareness Essay

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Cyber awareness is knowing how to keep your computer safe and secure also protecting our personal information while on-line. Many people today are facing threats that they may or may not be aware of. In order to be aware that there are threats out there, the first thing we can do is to protect ourselves from it. In the following essay, I am going to provide tips on how to protect our self while we are on-line. The first thing we can do to protect ourselves from the internet is not to share any of our personal information. These include your address, which school you go to, your phone number and etc. Some people provide too much of personal information on the social networking websites such as Facebook which can be very dangerous to them. We need to learn what information is appropriate to share and what needs to be kept private. On social networking sites we need to use private settings on any of our personally identifiable information. Also don't share your passwords or any important numbers and keep them secret even with the people you trust especially your credit card, debit card and social security card. If someone had your password, they can be pretending you on-line which you won’t want that to happen. Someone who knows your credit card number can be using your credit card online to purchase anything they want, that's really dangerous because that person is spending your money. The second thing we can do to protect ourselves from the internet is we need to know who we are dealing with on-line. Many people are too trusting on the people they are chatting with on-line which they might not even know who that person really is in real life. Talking to someone on-line is just like meeting a stranger in real life. They might not aware someone is not truthful about who they are or how old they are. This can be very dangerous to them and they need to

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