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Standard 1: Understand the principles and values essential for working with children and young people. Area of knowledge 1: Principles and values (a)Demonstrate that you care about the principles and values essential for working with children, young people, their families and their carers. As a residential care worker there are many ways in which I can demonstrate my recognition of the values and principles essential for my role. The most important one is to understand why “Every Child Matters” In my role I have already come into contact with some incredible children and young people. The resilience and strength of character I have been privileged to witness is inspirational. I believe we, as a company and me as an individual are indeed privileged to be involved with the emotional, educational and logistical development of these quite remarkable people. This is a role I will never take for granted and will continue to improve upon. In my experience as a father, a foster carer and now a residential carer I have realised how important it is to remain “child focussed” for “the welfare of the child is paramount”. I remember as a child my own upbringing and can now appreciate why my own parents made decisions about me with my welfare as paramount. At the time I could, in my child like perspective, have questioned my parent’s choices. In my role now I can appreciate that some of the children I will be working with may not have the capacity to understand why certain decisions are made. I believe a large part of my work will involve trying to help young people understand and deal with transition and decision making. In my role as a care worker I think the most important thing that a child needs is to feel safe. This feeling will undoubtedly underpin every aspect of a child’s willingness to engage with myself and others. This feeling can be the first and most

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