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went to St Thomas Aquinas Catholic School since 2008 to 2014. An aspiring business owner or a music producer. Extremely driven individual and can easily adopt to any working environment, also a good listener and can follow instructions. Very outgoing and easy to work with. Can work extremely well as an individual or in a team. Used to long hours of working because of Karate training and other sports as a hobby. Gives an excellent performance to any presentation. An every year participant in a Traditional Filipino summer festival which performs with dance crew and recently performed in a charity concert in a musical band, with this experience I gained an excellent level of confidence and social skill. Grades GCSE | TEXTILES DESIGN | B | GCSE | ENGLISH | B | GCSE | SCIENCE | D | GCSE | ADDITIONAL SCIENCE | D | GCSE | MATHS | C | GCSE | ICT | C | GCSE | FRENCH | C | GCSE | RELIGIOUS STUDIES | B | GCSE | MUSIC | Distinction | Skills * Good time management * Reliable * Good social skills * Professionalism * Team working * Positive mentality * Multi tasking * Prioritising work Interest * Sports * Music * Business management * Arts * Graphics Design * Animal nursing Employment Experience St.Thomas Children’s Centre July 7 2010 to July 21 2010. Role: Daycare nurse and Office Organiser Tasks: helping taking care of the children, Organising and leading activities for the children, answering telephone calls, making leaflets for events, printing and photocopying documents. ARK Project at Christian Life Centre July 2014 to October 2014. Role: Kitchen helper and Referrals provider Task: welcoming costumers, organising costumer’s data, packing food bags, and filling application form for costumers. Newstead Clark Financial Services November 2014. Role: Assistant Adminastrator Task:

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