Cute Chili Story Essay

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“Khelo, my name is Chili from Chile” as my friend Kalapineo would say. Kalapineo is my best friend, I’ve know him since I was a young chili. Ever since his father got picked by the farmer, he claims to be Mexican like his mother. Enough about Khalapineo, you will really like me, I’m gorgeous. Well that’s what my mama would say. I have beautiful, smoothed skin and to top it off, I have an amazing figure. All the chickas cannot stop staring at me. Well, I don’t blame them, I am irresistibly handsome. But I have one chicka that has stolen my eyes and heart, her name is Chilita. Chilita is the prettiest chili you will ever lay eyes on. She has shiny, cherry red colored skin and perfect curves that complement her body. I f I had to rank Chilita’s prettiness, she will be on the same level as I am! We love each other so very much, and we wear a necklace made of the same leaf which is wrapped around our stem to dignify our love toward each other. Our necklcace has many purposes and one of them is that it helps my stem to bend and swing towards Chilita so we can spend time together. Also, to be honest, I secretly think she makes me wear my necklace everyday so the other chickas know that I am taken. My Chilita is one very jealous but strong chili and can beat up another chicka until she is turned to chili powder! But other than that, she has an amazing personality and has one big heart full of

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