Customs Around the World Essay

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Name: Kevin Herrera, Han Tran, and Thong Tran Writing IV 0374-6001 Customs around the world Have you ever visited another country? If you have a chance to travel around the world, you should better learn about their cultures before you come to a foreign country. Because of doing usual things in your country may be very offensive in other countries. I have been in Vietnam and Venezuela, it was a great opportunity for me to know about their customs like giving lucky money in New Year’s Day, behavior, and taking part in a celebration. In Vietnam, they have a custom that I really like is giving lucky money to other people in New Year’s Day. Usually, adults will put some money in a red envelope, red packet, to give to children that they know. Specially, little children are going to wear new clothes, shoes, and dress pretty to go around their neighborhood to give a best wish for them and receive their lucky money in a red envelope. I like to visit Vietnam on New Year’s Day, because I love to see how happy they are when they receive their lucky money from the people they love. Another culture in Vietnam is your behavior. When you come to a Vietnamese family, you have to take off your shoes before you get in the house. Because they always want to keep their floor clean. More than that, they appreciate good behavior. For example, anytime you meet an older person, you must put your hand together like hugging something and bend your back forward than say “hello”. In addition, when having a meal with Vietnamese family, you should letting the older people take the food first and not making noise with your silverware which is a sign of respect. I have to know their behavior to be able to visit a Vietnamese family. In Venezuela, I lived the carnival experience and it was amazing and funny. I went to the parade that was full, I saw many people wearing customs, dancing on

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