Customs and Traditions Essay

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Kayne Jordan 10 Blue Customs and Traditions Some people in the world believe not enough is being done to preserve Customs and traditions due to the fast increase of technology and social media. I believe in this statement as countries are losing their way of living, with the rapid increase of the world’s resources I think we are starting to lose focus on how tradition is very important as well. In this case family related traditions. As we get older and frailer we start to expect our children or relatives to take care of us and support us till the very end. But as our economy grows time is a big issue in today’s modern world, so what is the result of this? Leaving our relatives and family in homes for the old. In Philippines most families are very close to each other, this is because we believe family is the only thing that will love us no matter what. So to see family being moved to places we barely know is really disappointing, over the years this has gradually increased and now is a normal thing to do. What is normal with leaving people who have taken care for you and lead you to successful lives? Nothing. You might think care homes aren’t bad but recent records taken from the website ‘Mail Online’ show that in the past year
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