Customer Service Excellence And Internal Marketing Essay

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Internal marketing is becoming increasingly more important to an organisation as a means of supporting staff in ensuring customer satisfaction, in today’s economic climate it is especially important for organisations to differentiate themselves to be more competitive. Mortimer (2011) states that “Internal marketing has always been important for brands, but our economic environment now means it is something no company can afford to ignore”. The purpose of this assignment is to evaluate the role of internal marketing particularly with the challenges that organisations are facing in today’s current global economic environment. It will also look at ways in which organisations can successfully engage and motivate staff. Kotler et al (2008:6) states that marketing is the primary function of dealing with customers and that ‘creating customer value and satisfaction’ is the ‘heart’ of marketing practices. Marketing is not just about the advertising of the product, but more ‘satisfying the customer’s needs’. Javadein et al (2011) state that “providing high quality service is a survival issue for service organisations.” In order to drive service quality and sustain customer loyalty takes a variety of factors, one factor is internal marketing. Kotler et al (2008:605) states that internal marketing is “marketing by a service firm to train and effectively motivate it customer-contact employees and all the supporting service people to work as a team to provide customer satisfaction,” for a firm to deliver high quality service everyone within the organisation must be striving towards delivering customer service excellence. Ahmed & Rafiq (2003) suggests that internal marketing questions the traditional structuring of an organisation, in such competitive times businesses have had to understand that they can no longer work as separate functions, and when working in isolation

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