Customer Service Critical Skills

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Critical Skills & Competencies Unit 1 Assignment: Customer Service Critical Skills & Competencies Monique Boyd AB221-01 Customer Service Dr. Jan Roy, CMP March 1, 2013 Today companies face many challenges in an attempt to keep up with the high demands of the consumer. As technology has advanced, consumers have the choice of doing business “online or face-to-face, and because there are no rules, handling customer service relations can be challenging for companies” (Gibson, 2012, pp. 11-12). However, in order to ensure that customers are satisfied companies have to pay attention to their wants, needs, and desires. According to Gibson (2012), “customers can often confuse needs, wants, and expectations, but what they do want is to be acknowledged, understood, treated fairly, and feel in control of their experience” (pp. 10-11). This may not be easy to cater to as “each customer is unique” (Gibson, 2012, p. 6) and they might each have various reasons for buying or shopping for a specific product. For some customers money is no object, while for others they may shop on a strict budget. Therefore companies should remember to treat each customer with respect, regardless of how much money they are spending, because they never know if in the future the customer might make a larger purchase (Gibson, 2012, p. 15), or perhaps spread the word to a friend or family member who might spend significantly more money with the company. In any case, in order for companies to succeed they must find a way to make sure that their customers are satisfied and happy with their services. So that we can better understand how customer service works we will examine the role of the customer service representatives (CSR’s), the tiered service system, and the five critical skills and competencies a customer service representative must have. The role of the customer

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