Customer Service At School Smartools Case Study

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BOSTON UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT SchoolTools Case for Writing Assignments 2 and 3 SM299 Spring 2013 Your Job You are the Regional Director of Customer Service at SchoolTools, a nation-wide chain of computer stores. You are responsible for Customer Service within the 120 stores located in New York, New Jersey, and New England. SchoolTools is a publicly traded company with more than 500 retail outlets. Most of their stores are located in University towns, and they cater primarily to students, faculty, and University departments. Your Boss You report to David Norton, the National Director of Customer Service. The Situation Amy Rodriguez purchased a computer at the SchoolTools store in Kenmore Square on Friday, Sept.…show more content…
I let her know that I had been assigned to investigate her complaint and that I would like to talk to her before I file a report. She asked if I would be sending her the upgraded computer she has requested. I said that I would not be making any decisions about her case, that I was only investigating and filing a report and that others would be making the decisions. She said that seemed like a total waste of time – she has already described what happened in her letter. She said I could say anything I want in my report and that I might not pass on her remarks accurately or I might make her look bad. I assured her that I would make every effort to report her description as best I could. She asked when she should be expecting to receive her upgraded computer and said that she has had to use the computers in the labs since her class began and that she is at a real disadvantage not having her own computer. I told her that SchoolTools makes every effort to resolve customer complaint issues within 6 weeks. She said that would be too late; her course would be more than half over by then. I told her we make every effort to resolve issues as quickly as possible, but that it could take up to 6

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