Customer Satisfaction After Sale Service Essay

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How after-sales service quality dimensions affect customer satisfaction Alireza Fazlzadeh 1 , Fatemeh Bagherzadeh 2 and Pegah Mohamadi 2 * 1 School of Economics, Tabriz Branch, Islamic AzadUniversity, Tabriz, Iran. 2 School of management, Master of international Marketing management, Islamic azad university-tabriz, Iran. Accepted 29 April, 2011 An understanding of the effect of after-sales services in satisfaction and post behavioural intentions is important to services marketing managers because it allows them to differentiate their offering substantially, in a way that strengths the relationship with their clientele in the short, as well as in the long run. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the effect of after-sales services on customers’ satisfaction as well as on their behavioural intentions, namely “repurchase intention” and “word-ofmouth” (WOM). The research conducted followed a quantitative methodology. The selected research tool was a questionnaire. The study conducted was targeted at customers of a large retail chain marketing home appliances in Iran and 302 usable responses were utilised. A path analysis was performed using the “Amos 18” software. Findings show that after-sales service quality, affect satisfaction, which in turn affects behavioural intentions. Hence, after-sales services affect the overall offering and thus, the quality of the relationship with customers. Key words: Retailing, after-sales services, service quality, customer satisfaction, word-of-mouth, repurchase intention. INTRODUCTION The role of service quality is widely recognized as being a critical determinant for the success of an organization in today's competitive environment. Any decline in customer satisfaction due to poor service quality would be a matter of concern. Consumers being more aware of rising standards
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