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Customer satisfaction. Key words Value for money: the price of the product that you bought is worth of it. Means that the price paid was fair. Word of mouth: one person tells something to someone else and that person tells the same thing to more people. Involves customers telling their friends and colleagues about their experiences. Customer satisfaction: make sure that the customer is satisfied with the quality of service or good that they have received. When their need and expectations have been meet. When is a customer satisfied? Customers are satisfied when they receive the service or customer service that they expected or more of what they expected. When they get the good that they wanted. When their needs and expectations have been meet. When there is a good communication between the customer and the employee. When there is accurate information. When they believe that they have value for money. When they have confidence in the service. Excellent after service, customer need to know terms and conditions (delivery, return the product) Positive and negative body language: Test your own interpersonal skills. “I’m sorry that’s not my job” I would tell the customer that I will get someone else to help him/her. “i can’t tell you at the moment , we’re moving offices and it’s chaos here”, I would try to get someone else to help the customer, and I wouldn’t say that it’s chaos, because it shows that the company is not organised. “Yes, ok, I should be able to get round to it later today” i would try to do it at the moment no later. “I thought I’d already told you that. Which bit didn’t you understand?” I would just answer the customer’s question again. “Sorry, it’s not my fault- I was just following orders”, I would say sorry to the customer and try to help with his/her problem, and if I can’t help, I would get

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