Customer Satisfaction Essay

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The world today is a competitive market with all kind of firms and companies in the market to gain a part of share in the market. The goal and target of all firm and companies’ marketing strategies is to make profit and continuous growth in the market and eventually expand and gain maximum share of the market. There are few global factors that affect the profit of a company which are customer satisfaction, retention and quality. And this factors will affect the company in all kind of size, given it is a big, small, profit or non-profit even global or local company, all company need to face the facts that with the globalization, the customer is always the most important factor that make a company success or fail. There’s many companies are doing research in marketing strategies that will help the company improve of the customer satisfaction, customer retention and in the same time maximizing the customer share in the financial view of the firm. Most of the companies would study, evaluate and implement any marketing strategic that prove to be effective to improve, gain and retention the market share of customer. Customer retention is one of the strong advocacy for the company and firm to adopt as the key performance indicators (Kaplan and Norton, 2001). According to the study of Reichheld and Sasser (1990), there are high correlation between customer retention and profitability in the range of the industries. But there are bigger challenges with current marketing because of the media choices and the speed change of customer need and market nature, therefore, it is very hard to predict what do the customer want and need and the demand and supply might be change from time to time due to certain reason or practice. There are greater challenge for firm and companies to come out with a perfect marketing strategic to satisfy all the customer. Customer satisfaction and

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