Customer Satisfaction Essay

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Adam Thornton Customer Satisfaction and Dining/Wait Staff Service, Skills & Technique Customer satisfaction is very important to the restaurant business for obvious reasons. The customers are the profit makers. They control how much money you can make, and how much you can lose. Customer satisfaction depends on many different aspects of the restaurant system, and can change very quickly. Let’s look at customer satisfaction on a meter for easy explanation. Dining/Wait staff service, skills and technique refers to the ability of the host/hostess and the waiters/waitresses. This is very important to a restaurant, because it directly impacts how many customers a restaurant will get, either by word of mouth or direct contact. When I say word of mouth, I mean customers that have been at the restaurant before will talk about their experience with their waiter and their overall time spent. They will tell their friends, good or bad, hopefully good, and that will impact them on whether they will go there or not. Direct contact means exactly what it says. The skill of the waiter affects the experience of the customer and will directly determine whether or not they will return. A customer can have amazing food but a terrible waiter and not come back, but could have mediocre food, but a great waiter, and come back soon. Now, customer satisfaction begins even before they get to the place of business. The actions of the day, week, etc play a role in customer satisfaction, and are completely out of the restaurant’s hands. It’s all about luck at this point, unfortunately. Once the customer enters the parking lot of the establishment, the meter can drop significantly or stay the same. It usually won’t go up much unless the outside appearance is one of a kind and immaculate. It can drop very easily, by having a dirty

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