Customer Relationship Management Essay

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Assignment 1 University of Wales & Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS) Subject : Topic : Lecturer : Course : Assignment Cover Sheet Number | Name of Student | ID Number | | | | Submitted on Due Date: Words Limit Observed: Reserved for the cover sheet from PDF file EXECUTIVE SUMMARY There are many changes that have taken place in our world recently. One of these changes concerns the change in attitude to the force which drives the global economic growth. Nowadays companies that wish to survive and succeed in their market-place should improve customer value rather than just increase the amount of their production. This is not an exception even for the firms what actually do not produce anything but just provide knowledge. The organization like this is our client company – “JahonStudy” experienced the condition where its survival mainly depends on its ability to change. The changes what should be done can dramatically increase the revenue of the company. Yet, many companies’ CEOs have reported that these changes actually had ruined their business. In fact one of the most promising concepts in e-business today – the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) which is supposed to improve customer focus fails in real conditions with the probability of more than 50 percent. Even more in surveys what were conducted by industry research groups were found that 20 percent of businesses surveyed discovered their enterprises in ruins after implementation of this solution. Still, according to the mentioned above survey some 72 percent of businesses wish to obtain CRM solution shortly and “JahonStudy” is not an exception (Brien & Marakas, 2007). So, how can a successful business implement the cutting edge solutions and not only continue to be successful but become ultra-successful we will try to

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