Customer Relations Essay

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Customer Service Environment of Toyota Interview The interview was held with John Sacher, Customer Relations Manager Toyota. The reason for selecting john Sacher was that he is the person who is aware of his organizational responsibility and knowledge of company’s customer relations policies. According to John Sacher, the company is committed to provide highest levels of customer services. A customer having complaint about service quality or the vehicle, contacts the customer service representative and complaint is addressed to the Customer Relations Executive. According to the manager, good customer service is very important part of the vehicle purchase experience. According to the manager, customer service is important because it handles issues related to the organization. He argued that customers spend millions of dollars per year to purchase Toyota automobiles; therefore, they expect from customer service department to resolve any issues efficiently. The manager informed that a significant problem of customer service in the organization is service quality. Another important issue is argument with the customers. According to the managers, a number of customers have complaint that the customer service representatives do not give attention to the complaint and argue with the customers. The manager informed about another customer service problem of the organization is delay over promised and under delivered service. Customer relations management is the philosophy of businesses that provides a vision for dealing customers. Every organization needs to deal properly with its customers because efficient customer relations management gives shape to future sales of the organization. The purpose of the customer relations management in a company is to enhance profitable relations with customers to increase the relationships with customers and other vendors (Ueno,
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