Customer Relation Management Program Essay

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Introduction This paper will discuss the purpose, benefits and implementation of customer relation management as a way to improve sales and keep loyal customers coming back to the retail store. Strategic CRM is focused upon the development of a customer- centric business culture. This culture is dedicated to winning and keeping customers by creating and delivery value better than competitors. This is how this paper will be discussed, brief explanation of the major market orientations, and then thereafter followed by the CRM strategy that would be used for this business, the following will be discussed, collecting customer data, analysing customer data and identifying target customers, developing CRM programs and implementing CRM programs. Product oriented business believe that customers choose products with the best quality, performance, design or featured. Management makes assumptions about what customers want, the outcome is that sometimes products are over specified or over engineered for the requirements of the market and therefore too costly for many customers. Production – oriented businesses believe that customers choose low price products; consequently, these businesses strive to keep operating costs low and develop low cost routes to market. Sale – oriented businesses make the assumption that if they invest enough in advertising, selling public relations and sales promotion, customers will be persuaded to most cases, sales orientation follows a production orientation. The company produce low cost products and promote them to sell. A customer or market – oriented company shares a set of beliefs about putting the customer first. It collects; disseminate s and use customer and competitive information to develop better value propositions for customers. For XYZ supermarket, we will use the customer or market – oriented strategy; we will design a

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