Customer Relation Management Essay

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What is customer relationship management Customer relationship management is a widely implemented strategy for managing a company’s iterators with consumers, clients and sales prospects It involves using of technology to organize, automate and synchronize business processes, principally sales activities, but also those fort marketing customer service and technical support The overall goals are to find, attract and win new clients back into the fold and reduce the cost of marketing client service Customer relationship management describes a company wide business strategy including customer interface department as well as other department, measuring valuing customer relationship is a critical to implementing this strategy (Brink, A . (2004)CRM and customer service) BENEFITS OF CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT A customer relationship management system may be chosen because it is thought to provide the following advantages Quality and efficiency Decrease in overall cost Decision support Enterprise ability Increase in profitability (Straydom, j.w. (1999) introduction to marketing .kenwyn CHALLENGES OF CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT Successful development, implementation use and support of customers relation management system can provide significant advantage to the user, but often there are obstacles that obstruct the user from using the system to its full potential instances of a CRM attempting to contain a a large group of data can become cumbersome and difficult to understand for ill-trained users Complexity Tools and workflows can be complex, especially for large business previously these tools were generally limited to simple CRM solutions which focused on monitoring and record interaction and communications. Poor usability One of the largest challenges that customers

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