Customer-Driven Marketing Strategy Planning for Crust Gourmet Pizza Essay

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The main factors contributed to Crust Gourmet Pizza Bars success are well organised in the customer-driven marketing strategy planning. In reverse, the Real Burger World (RBW) failed in implementing suitable strategy that driven to poor performance. Customer-driven marketing strategy is the process, which involves market segmentation, market targeting, differentiation and positioning (Armstrong et al. 2012). Crust business employs growth and downsizing strategies to improve the profitability in order to become more competitive in the market. Crust’s strategy is focusing on providing gourmet-quality fast food pizza to the markets. Crust located in Annandale firstly in inner-west suburb of Sydney with younger and trendier demographic and traditional families markets. It is because the quality of pizza changes during delivery-time, Crust makes solution on product development to improve pizza crust, maintain the delicious. The company also built its name as ‘Crust’ in order to emphasis its important value. In store presentation, Crust emphasis black, red and white colours to bring out visually exciting. And, Crust creates popularity by setting counter in front of the store. The strategies bring successful result that Crust continued growth and gained appraisal from the Heart Foundation’s ‘tick of approval’. In comparison, RBW has valued proposition in fresh ingredient, recyclable cardboard box and one pound premium. It did not perform well organised strategy planning or customer-driven marketing strategy. Firstly, RBW did not have their target markets. Secondly, Store located nearby existing major fast food outlets enhances competition. RBW still made failure on planning including not fully negotiate for the lease; replace non-experience manager fully in charge the restaurant but could not provide efficiency management and store do not planning well.

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