Customer Benefit Package and Value Chain Analysis

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CASE STUDY ANALYSIS ON HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY Table of Contents 1 Introduction 2 2 Customer Benefits Package (CBP) 3 2.1 CBP of Yardley Hospitality (YH) 3 2.2 CBP of Hyatt Hotels Corporation (HHC) 5 2.3 Comparison of CBPs 7 3 Value Chain Design (VCD) 7 3.1 Yardley Hospitality value chain design 7 3.2 Hyatt Hotels Corporation value chain design 8 3.3 Comparison of VCDs 8 4 Operations Strategy 9 4.1 Operations Strategy at Yardley Hospitality 9 4.2 Operation Strategy at Hyatt Hotels Corporation 9 5 Operations Management (OM) 9 6 Conclusion 10 7 References 10 1 Introduction Socialising is one of the important aspects of today’s society. Hospitality is a significant element of being social. Maintaining friendly and generous relation plays an important role in day-to-day business dealings. The clients, conference delegates and other official visitors are to be entertained while trading. The travel and tourism industry is increasing so as the hospitality, with Victoria being the second largest. Hospitality businesses include cafes, restaurants, catering, bar, clubs, hotels, motels and serviced apartments (Anon, 2015). The quality, quantity, shape, size, price, profit and the delivery of the hospitality business is affected by the Operations management (OM) decisions. Managing the processes in the production and distribution of goods and services relates to Operations management. OM helps in maintaining the balance between the independent, small and large operators in organising the business activities (, 2015). A well implicated operation system helps in identifying the customer’s needs. Time, place and personalisation are the factors that are supposed to be designed effectively so as to meet the challenges while dealing with the clients. The following case study presents the customer benefits package (CBP) and

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