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Custom Fabricators Case Study Operations management is the process of managing and coordinating the entire processes and functions of an organization. Understanding how a process works and being flexible enough to evolve as business practices and processes do, is essential to a company staying competitive. Along with strategically structuring an organization’s operations to easily transition with change, the operations manager must constantly review and alter various organizational strategies, stay aware of ever changing customer needs, and maintain and stay focused on the company’s core competencies. Custom Fabricators, Inc has been the primary manufacturing company for Orleans Elevator since the late 1980’s. This partnership with Orleans began with the manufacturing of control panels for elevators. Now with the concept of outsourcing, Custom Fabricators aren’t feeling as secure as the company once felt. The author will answer some questions and provide guidance on the current state of affairs between the Orleans Elevator Company and Custom Fabricators Inc.. How does Custom Fabricators Create Value for Orleans? Custom Fabricators Inc. provides value to Orleans because of the long and close relationship between the companies. Custom Fabricators is able to provide several components and whole-assemblies to Orleans by use of a schedule forecast, once components are produced Custom Fabricators ships the components and assemblies directly to Orleans worksites, allowing management at Orleans to spend more time engineering elevators and less time monitoring one of its key suppliers (Chase et al, 2004). Custom Fabricators also provides value by delivering a reliable quality product that is complimented by swift, on time service. Custom Fabricators are able to accomplish this because of Just-in-Time and Lean Manufacturing

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