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Custody Of Pumpkin Q. How has humour been used to convey the central idea of the story? “The Custody of Pumpkin” by P.G. Wodehouse is a very gentle criticism and satire of the upper class in the British society by portraying Lord Emsworth as a very undeserving member of the upper class of the British society. The event of Emsworth firing his gardener, expresses the garner as a more noble and impressive person than Lord Emsworth. The class system in Britain is shown to be very unjust and unequal, by showing how the lower class did not get any importance. In addition, it criticizes the British tradition of the person inheriting all the riches, and not the second son, even if he is more deserving. The very frivolous aim of growing a perfect pumpkin contributes to the humour. The story attacks the upper class pride, and questions the human actions of stereotyping, such as the Scottish action of the gardener. P.G. Wodehouse exploits these stereotypes, according to the country, religion, and so on. It makes the reader question the human stereotyping. This passage begins after many complications arise in Lord Emsworth life. His son, who can’t get along with his father, is an irritation for him, who brings social embarrassment in his life by marrying his gardener’s niece, without his consent. This causes Emsworth to fire his gardener, which causes trouble to his pumpkin, and the gardener refuses to return. In this extract, P.G. Wodhouse’s wit flickers throughout the passage. The sources of humour are slapstick, satire, exaggeration, clashing personalities and contrast between expectation and achievement. These are the sources of humour used to bring mockery of the British aristocracy. In this episode, Lord Emsworth is portrayed as a hypocrite who plucks flowers. This extract begins by providing humour through the sense of misunderstanding between the park

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