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Manipal University, Synopsis date:15/07/2013 Project Report On Submitted in partial fullfilment of Master of Business Administration to Bangalore. Submitted by M.B.A - 3rd sem Batch – 09. Reg No: Specialization – Marketing. Under Supervision of Declaration I, Mohammed.Fazel.N here by declare that the project Entitled “Consumer Buying Behavior in Sony Product” is the outcome of my research work. No part of this research has been submitted earlier by anyone to any institute or university for the award of any Degree/ Diploma. The source of material, data used in this study has been acknowledgement. Acknowledgement I wish to express my gratitude to G , Sony-viao Specialist- Sales Department, for providing me all the facilities required in completing the project and providing me an opportunity to carry out my project as a partial fulfillment for M.B.A degree. I initially thank my research guide for his untiring devotion, noble guidance, valuable suggestions and above all continuous encouragement, which has played an important role in completion of my project. Place : Bangalore ( Researcher ) Certificate I hereby certified that this project entitled “Consumer Buying Behavior in Sony Product” submitted by for the award of degree in “Master in Business Administration” (M.B.A) Marketing as specialization, is original research work carried out under my sufficiency high standards to warrant its submission to the university for the award of said degree. No part this of this research has been submitted earlies to any institute / University for the award of any degree/diploma. The assistance and help rendered to the research the course of his investigation in the form basic source material and information has been

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