Curse Of The Roommate! Essay

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Curse of the Roommate! “Clean your side of the room!” is something you shouldn’t have to tell your roommate. You would think since they moved out of their parents’ house they wouldn’t want to hear nagging all over again. From the dirty clothes all over the floor, dirty dishes with nets flying around them, and also the constant noise that they make, are all signs that you have a bad roommate. A bad roommate is someone who is extremely dirty, rude and egocentric. A bad roommate is one who is extremely messy. First, there are open dresser drawers with clothes cramming out of them. Clothes are thrown on the floor as if she just changed and didn’t bother to pick up her mess and I can smell the outside smell of the clothes that she threw on the floor. On top of the stained clothes, I can smell the old mac-n-cheese cup she left on her desk as well as old popcorn bags that she had eaten days before. The smell of the trash left behind over powers the Glade plug-in that I had bought from Wal-Mart to cancel out the smell of the leftover food. Dirty dishes are stacked up to five inches against the wall on her desk with nats lying on them and flying around them. It seems as if the nets are multiplying because I see them more often than before. The smell in the room is horrible and I wouldn’t dare bring company to our room because it’s so embarrassing. Besides the messiness, she is also very rude. While I’m trying to study, she brings people up to the room and be very loud. I get no privacy as well because there is always someone in the room 24/7. When I go take my shower sometimes I have to make people get out myself because she wouldn’t make them on her own. Another rude thing that she does is turn her alarm clock loud and leave it on until she finished showering and dressing. She is not worried that I have class also and that I need my sleep as much as

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