Curriculum Planning Essay

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Curriculum Planning 1 Curriculum Planning Claudia I. Saucedo ECE 205 Sharon Haddy April 9, 2012 Curriculum Planning 2 There are many factors, including genetics, culture, family structure, values, nutrition, health, and poverty, that can influence the rate and nature of children's development(Allen & Marotz, 2010). It is the exceptional child whom is doubtlessly usual in every way. Innumerable children with developmental uncertainties of one type or another, are not exposed to any enduring contradiction effects. Other children with irregularities that emerge no more critical, might be recognized at educational risk. In these two situations, the child urgently needs to be observed by a health care professional or a child specialist and possibly be indicated for evaluation and therapy assistance. In the following paragraphs, I will be discussing three examples demonstrating the impact of developmental delays and the environment on the learning needs of children. First off, all children need a positive, early learning experiences to foster the cognitive, language, social/emotional development, which lay the foundation for later school success. The child's cognitive skills will be promoted in the classroom or day-care facility, as the teacher/caregiver encourages the child to learn on their own exploring a variety of learning centers, available for them. Having the children to follow simple instructions, do demonstrations for child to achieve a certain goal such as building a 3-4 tower of cubes, figuring out shape form boards, looking at pictures in books to recognize some certain objects/animals, and naming particular body parts(Glover, Preminger, & Sanford, 2002). The teacher just needs to practice and reinforce daily routine, so the children will have a lesser chance in having developmental delays in this learning
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