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Curriculum Planning Essay

  • Submitted by: texasbratt69
  • on October 17, 2011
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Curriculum Planning
Stephanie Teal
ECE 205
Introduction to Child Development
Instructor: Aisha House
October 3, 2011

          When we talk about our children as parents or as caregivers or teachers, we often talk about how well they are developing and growing.   There are many factors that can cause developmental and growth delays in children.   In this research paper I will discuss what effects a child’s growth and development.   We will look at what factors, such as, poverty, and abuse have on the development of a child.   We will also review what educators can do to help detect delays and also to promote good behavior in our children.   The other topic I will approach is about learning in preschool and specific programs can be so effective in the growth and development of our children.
          There is a difference in the growth and the development of a child.   Growth is how we refer to how a child is growing in height and weight, and development is how we refer to how is child is learning and if they are doing it in a positive way and also if they are functioning correctly.   Very often teachers and caregivers get these confused. Growth is defined as an increase in size whereas development is defined by the improvement and acquisition of skills.   Growth is often limited by the absence of resources, and development will often still take place by using the resources a child possesses.
          In our text, it states that “growth and development are influenced by a child’s unique genetic makeup and the quality of the everyday environment, which includes nurturing, health care, and opportunities to learn the vast range of skills that are evidence of developmental progress.” (Allen & Marotz 2010)   Every child grows and develops differently according to how the child acquires the necessary skills in   six important developmental areas.   Those areas are: physical, motor, perceptual, cognitive, language and...

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