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Designing a Curriculum to Meet the Needs of the 21st Century Preschool ECE 311 Katie Troub January 18, 2011 Designing a Curriculum to Meet the Needs of the 21st Century Preschooler Age Three Education is the key to success. As trees are measured by their fruit so are most societies. Astonishingly, America’s fruit have fallen short academically. The American education system is designed to prepare the youth for the global economy. There are many schools and programs available, but many are not successful in meeting the child’s needs. In many instances, the federal government and many organizations have resolved to collaborate on ways to improve teaching and learning and on ways to expand access to education. Only in the past few decades has the United States clued in on the need to revamp its education system in order to meet the needs of its children. The federal government has committed to assist schools in teaching low income and low achieving students by offering more flexibility to schools using federal funds. However, these schools must show that their students’ learning is improved by the investment. Further, it believes programs such as teacher and principal corps, which allow for extensive professional development, would enhance the students’ achievement. Also, there is a push for leadership academies which seek to train the best and brightest to become teachers. To be sure, there are many other programs and guidelines that govern the states’ public education system. These regulations are clear as to how money is to be received and spent; how schools will qualify; and how schools will be graded. Unfortunately, many schools have failed to make the grade. Because public schools enroll all students and are supposed to design curriculum to meet the needs of all students, it is difficult to accept how the

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