Curriculum and Its Four Determinats and Their Influence

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It takes certain required instructions or ideas either written or not written for once to live a certain life style . Thus the same within the education sector there is the curriculum and what also influences it or what interplays a specific role which are the determinants. A curriculum can be defined as a plan for action or a written document that includes strategies for achieving desired goals or ends. (Tyler, 1949). The curriculum being defined as an explicitly and implicitly intended set interaction designed to facilitate learning and development and to impose meaning on experience. The explicit intentions being exposed in written curricula and in courses of study and the implicit intentions are found in the hidden curriculum by which we mean the roles and norms that underlie interaction in the school.(Miller and Seller 1985).Various groups, both inside and outside the schools have fought to shape the curriculum. In this write up refering to, societal, political, economical and psychological view, this essay aims to analyses the struggle over different conception of what should be taught. Psychologists are used to determine and contest against factors that facilitate learning for instance behaviorists say learning takes place as a result of punishment but the government have actually inserted a law that no child is allowed to be bitten up as form of punishment .with the support of cognitivists , they contest for this point saying punishment robs the learner of his or her dignity (Mwamwenda 2010) .behavioral psychologists believe that learning is to control the behavior of students to study hard and through rewards reinforcement and other stimulus . John Dewey advocates for be child centered learning ,experiences should be provided in accordance with the mental development of the learner. Dewey ()asserts that for learners to understand and to learn
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