Current Polices and the Impact They Have on the Early Years Sector.

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Identify the current policies, frameworks and influences on the early years and explain the impact they have on the early years sector. The child act 1989 Central government initaties Every child matters united nations conventions on the Early Years Foundation Stage rights of children (UNCRC) National curriculum Current equalities legislation Local authorities range of current policies 1998 The Data Protection Act The Human Right Act All these current policies, frameworks and the influences on the early years sector is that it is bringing everyone together as a whole. The Welfare and Rights of the children are now taken more seriously. Children are now able to play, engage in and express themselves freely and are being heard. With all groups linked together, working with the same child will mean that the child will learn more effectively. Information is encouraged to be shared with the children and families. Whatever their backgrounds, all children and families are now given the access to affordable quality childcare. Over time, early years policies and frameworks emerge and change in response to current influences. There has been much more political focus on childcare and education in the last 15 years, resulting in a rapid expansion of early years provisions. Influences over the last 15 years have included two key factors:A huge increase in the demand for childcare while parents work – This is mostly due to the fact that around 60 per cent of mothers now return to work outside of the home while their children are under the age of 5. This has been influenced by several factors. Gender equality has greatly improved in schools and in the workplace, resulting in increased academic achievement, career aspirations
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