Current Market Conditions Competitive Analysis

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Current Market Conditions Competitive Analysis ECO/365 Sam Pirnazar October 19th, 2015 Current Market Conditions Competitive Analysis As a world that revolves around technology on the go we are always looking to make the best and newest phones on the market. Competing with Samsung and Apple, we are working to combine all resources and bring customers the one thing they want, a cell phone that serves as the sole source of their needs at the price that they are willing to pay. This is made possible by making sure that we are researching the current market conditions and keeping ourselves on track in order to keep the customers happy. Samsung and Apple are two of the most popular brands there is thus far. So, the demand for these items are very high especially when they invent new products every year. Factors that affect demand would be style, price, technology, upgrades, company, brand, and many more but only to name a few. When consumers search for a product they want something that will fit their style, personal lifestyle, and everyday interactions with the device. The question today isn’t what type of phone you have, the question is do you have IPhone or android? The demand for both the Samsung and the IPhone has increased over a matter of months because the technology just keeps getting better and better. Recently, it was mentioned that the Galaxy S6 demand was much higher than initially expected. IPhone has increased their supply tremendously because when they first started out, AT&T were the only cell phone providers to carry the phones. This definitely gave AT&T an advantage over other companies because everyone wanted a touch screen device. Then, android made its mark with the Galaxy that was supplied to all cell phone companies. One other thing that has changed over the years includes, not having to purchase multiple
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