Current Legal Issues Essay

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Current Legal Issues Jen HCS/430 November 09, 2011 Kendrick Brown Health Care Coming and Going Health care coming and going due to current legal issues in today’s society. Health care seems to be one topic that everyone has taken an interest in. The ranges stem from politics to religion and everything in between, including all ages, races, and both genders. Primarily, healthcare would not be discussed nationally, but over the past decade, almost every day, headlines are screaming about the ethical issues that are addressed herein. Current Legal Issues Physicians have a responsibility both morally and ethically to provide adequate service, protect patient information, file and code appropriate diagnosis, and to adhere to practices coherent with the standards set by their governing board to remain professional and ethical at all times, even if it means gains for their private practice, name sake, or other greedy inheritance, but here lately, this has become a major problem. People really do not know if Health Care is coming or going, with retrospect to physicians and their administrative and managerial responsibilities and or ethical morale. One question that appears to be a staggering conversation in the news media, and other forms of media, for lawmakers, healthcare officials, and even patients abroad is, “Should Doctors Ever Lie on Behalf of Patients”?, an article published Kingdom W; Case and point, many times physicians have been known to mislead the system and third-party payers, i.e. insurance companies, to help their patient benefit from a surgery that the insurance might have otherwise not paid for. Some physicians call it fudging a little to help a justified medical recourse. Others call it down right unethical because it goes against all principals. An example, would be a when a person is overweight and have known their physician
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