Current Issues in Society Essay

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Social media is said to be the newest approach of communication that enables people to exchange thoughts and opinions more quickly and effortlessly than ever before. Some individuals would claim that this “mediated communication” is a better strategy than having a personal interaction (Wagner, 2015, p. 116). On the other hand, traditional activists state that members of their group should be highly committed, articulate and must value the personal connection to the civil-rights movement (Gladwell, 2010, p. 44). Although social media has indeed changed how political and social activism was customarily done, it is in my belief that it is a less effective tool than the traditional way of activism in terms of generating social and political change. I think that it lacks the value of personal commitment, real-life involvement and strong-ties which are the necessary ingredients in achieving successful societal and political change. Social media is an inadequate strategy for social change because it lacks the value of personal commitment from one activist to another (Gladwell, 2010, p. 44). Social media such as facebook and twitter, allows its users to simply hit the “like” or “share” button to promote and express their support on certain ideas (Gagnon & Sabus, 2015, p. 408). On my own understanding and knowledge, personal commitment is the act of fulfilling obligations voluntarily. Social activists during the 1960 civil-rights movement were dedicated and disciplined which led to a successful high-risk activism (Gladwell, 2010, p. 47). However, it is not as simple as clicking these “like” buttons on validating each individual’s sincerity, honesty, dedication and commitment to that particular idea. It is effortless to erase and undo a comment posted online and replace it with a totally different one. In the past, civil-rights movement were successful because of the degree

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