Current Events in Social Work Through Micro-, Mezzo-, and Macro- Lenses Essay

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Current Events Paper Austin D. Crawford Florida State University College of Social Work Current Events: Macropractice Police 'Put Cap On Arrests' in Rochdale Sex Abuse Inquiry: Social Worker Whistleblower Says Dozens Of Offenders Are Still On Streets Recently in Rochdale, Manchester, England social worker Sara Rowbotham brought to light a series of incidents in which local police failed to arrest dozens of suspected sex offenders (Narain, 2014). Rowbotham says that the cause of this is due to the fact that police have “obsessively” focused solely on catching a specific group of nine perpetrators in what is called ‘Operation Doublet’ and ignoring other sexual abuse claims, placing both a ceiling on the number of arrests for sexual crimes and a cap on the number of victims they would interview and proceed with, allowing many predators to remain on the streets (Narain, 2014). Rowbotham’s report highlighted 13,000 cases of child sex abuse in the last six years but revealed that only 1,078 offenders were convicted (Narain, 2014.) Rowbotham claims that under the current conditions victims of sexual abuse are essentially voiceless and proposes “measures aimed at improving arrest and conviction rates of child sex offenders in Greater Manchester”, including review of cases labeled ‘No Further Action,’ new child-oriented initiatives, and training for public sector workers to recognize grooming (“the process by which an offender draws a victim into a sexual relationship and maintains that relationship in secrecy” as described by Welner, n.d.) (Narain, 2014). Ian Hanson, chairman of Greater Manchester Police Federation, states that the issues lie within the system as a whole and aren’t purely a result of problematic police work. Superintendent Jonathan Chadwick states that Operation Doublet is still under-investigation and that evidence and information is

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