Current Events in Business Research Paper

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Current Events in Business Research Paper Name RES/351 October , 2014 Henry Hoang Business Research The research process is essential in today’s thriving economy. Implementing a research process set companies up to perfect their business and the processes in which they complete tasks or solve problems. The research process is most commonly used when there is an inconsistency in a process. The only way that a company needs to implement a business research process is usually when a dilemma or an area of opportunity arrises. Once an area of opportunity is determined a group, it can be managers, a board of members or the “lower” class of employees, work together to question the problem and work to suggest/improve or change it. I have worked in the United States Coast Guard and am now working in a civilian credit card processing company. There is a difference in working with these two companies and like many other companies there are a few good leaders and managers and then there are not. While in the military in order to get in you have to take an ASVAB test. Depending on the ASVAB score you receive it will let you know which branches you are able to sign in to or if you need to study more to get a higher ASVAB score for more options. Which can help weed out the ones that are most knowledgeable and capable of jobs to chose from, among other critical processes. In the Coast Guard, once you are in and are either working towards a title or advancing in your title there are certain criteria, like almost any where else, that you need to meet in order to advance and keep a good flow in the working environment. This is done with test and exams as well as with mark and reviews from the pay grades above you. When I started working at my current place of employment the process of hiring was completely different. It was performed by two people and the company was
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