Current Events in Business Research Essay

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Current Events in Business Research Jeremy Elliott RES/351 June 26, 2012 Jeff Greene Current Events in Business Research My experience of the business research process dates back to a time when I worked as a customer service manager for American Airlines. In the eight years that I spent as an employee with American Airlines, I experienced numerous analytical research studies within the organization. Most of the results of these research studies were shared among the employees of the company so they could see the performance successes and failures of the company. Business research. A business research study is simply a study conducted by individuals, who analyze the data researched data and use it to make future managerial decisions (Cooper & Schindler, 2011). The data retrieved from these research studies helped the company to make adjustments based on historical data, customer suggestions, employee recommendations, and other sources. Specifically, American Airlines used the results of its fees charged in the second quarter of 2006 to reveal how they reached a quarterly profit Profits. In the second quarter of 2006, American Airlines posted a profit of $291 million (American Airlines, 2006). This profit, although offset by exorbitant fuel and labor costs, includes monies earned through selling in-flight meals, upgrades, contracted maintenance jobs, and the confirmed standby charges. According to AMR Corporation Reports a Second Quarter Profit of $291 Million (2006), these additional fees collected by the employees of American Airlines generated a revenue of $347 million, which obviously attributed to the second quarter profit earnings for the company. Conclusion. American Airlines made an excellent business decision once they implemented the aforementioned fees because they helped to return the company to profitability. By taking a risk, the
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