Current Events Essay

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Rowe claims that people do good things in order to survive, but I believe people are inherently good and want to help others when they are given the opportunity. In the midst of the campus tragedy at Virginia Tech last year, there were “tales of heroism during the rampage, including an older professor — himself a Holocaust survivor — who gave his life to protect his students.” The professor, already a survivor of the Holocaust, knew what it was like to have his life in danger, and put his students’ lives before his own. He made this selfless decision in a matter of seconds, not taking the time to think about his own life. His act of bravery and selflessness illustrate his benevolent character and genuine love for his students. Some people choose to risk their lives everyday by choosing a career that helps or saves others in dangerous situations. Recently, a FDNY firefighter, Michael Colombo, “crawled through blinding smoke” and “without the protection of a hose line” risked his life to “save an unconscious woman from her burning [apartment].” This was Colombo’s first rescue and he said, “It [felt] good, the satisfaction of helping someone make it through.” Colombo entered the burning building knowing he might not make it out alive, but chose to proceed because he wanted to help. He chose the dangerous career of a firefighter rather than a safe and cozy desk job. A football player named Pat Tillman “gave up the glamorous life of a professional football star to join the Army Rangers,” and was later killed in action. Tillman sacrificed his career in football and gave up his “big salary” to serve his country. He is a perfect role model of the goodwill of mankind. Many acts of heroism either made in a split second or planned for a lifetime have exposed
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