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Kevin Liptak in CNN article “14 things Obama might veto next” talks about President Obama recent veto bill on the Keystone pipeline. Republicans are trying to pass a long list of bills this year because this year the Republican party controls the Senate. President Obama has been making threats to the Republican party to veto bills that they try to pass. They also deny a GOP (Republican) bill rewrite of the No Child Left Behind. The bill would help parents flexibility on choosing schools and also claims the bill would divert billions of dollars in federal funding to schools with large minority populations. This is just one of the bill President Obama might veto. Others include two restricting abortions, a repeal of the Affordable Care Act, the Homeland Security funding measure reversing Obama’s immigration action, and new sanctions on Iran. Analysis I do agree on some of the bills that Obama want to veto and I also disagree on some that he does want to veto. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion my opinion is that D.C. should stop fighting with one another and start working with each other. Nothing will get done in the country if the House knows that the bill they pass and goes to President Obama will get veto. Instead of passing bills that President Obama will veto. They should sit down with President Obama and try to come to a decision. The U.S. government should stop fighting like little kids fighting for a toy and start making a change in the U.S. because in my view the U.S. isn’t a toy it’s a great nation where things should get done

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