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Zachary Baris Current Event Mr. Fitz FLAE-I Feb. 18, 2014 Vocabulary: 1. Fickle – changing frequently. 2. Blissfully – in a blissful; full of life manner. 3. Fretting – be constantly or visibly worried or anxious. 4. Disentangle - free (something or someone) from an entanglement Important People, Places, or things: 1. London Grill – A restaurant in the Fairmount section of Philadelphia 2. Terry McNally –Co owner of the London Grill This article is called “Winter’s Not Just Cold and Snowy. It’s Expensive.” It focuses on the American economy and the winter weather. This article is about how the economy has gone down so much since the start of winter. This event is taking place right now during this winter, but the article was written on Feb. 14th. It’s also taking place all across America in hot and cold climates. This article was written to find the main reason for the huge drop in the economy and how we can fix it. So many people are being affected by the blizzard winter we are receiving this year. It has affected small business owners, small business workers, and don’t forget the construction workers. Mainly the nasty weather has slowed down sales dramatically. It’s been the worst holiday shopping season since 2009. Small clothing stores apparently are having trouble having items in stock. The unemployment rate went up even hire. Just a lot of corruption has been happening around this time of winter. I thought well it had to be the weather just causing harm for people, but I guess not. It was just a coincidence that these things are happening around this time. It’s not actually making it worse, but just making it look worse from our prospective. Later in January things started to look up with the hiring of jobs for new

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