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Current Ethical Issues Paper Stephanie Bellingham XMGT/216 November 18, 2012 Robin Clawson University of Phoenix The Ethical Organization Profile I that I have chosen to write about will be the Baderman Island Resort. The Baderman Island Resort is an Island surrounded by the Kelsey River. The resort offers three hotels on the island depending upon your traveling needs. In 1988 the Baderman Main Hotel was a part of the conversion of the Baderman Estate into a resort. In 2001 the negotiations between the Baderman Family and the City of Kelsey finally settled and the Kelsey river bend is completed creating a complete island. This started the construction of the convention center and hotel, spa, golf course, along with luxury hotel named Tenney. The main highlight of the town of Kelsey, are the natural Botanical preserve and gardens. Up until 2004 Baderman Island was not open to the public. By opening the island to the public, this provided Baderman Island Resort owners “tax breaks and incentives from the Town of Kelsey” (("Baderman Island", 2012). The Badermans Island Resort employed Boardman Management Group as part of their team in 2004. The Boardman Management Grout (BMG) overseas all management and operations of Baderman Island Resort company. Their services include handling escrow services on all mortgages, insurance, and taxes. They also handle detailed reports of before and after guest stays in the hotel, e-mail or fax services, send Badermans a 1099 year end form. They also handle food services, trail management, golf course management, maintenance issues, advertising for the company, and customer complaints. Basically Baderman Island Resort has hired Boardman Management Group to handle all major parts of their business and the BMG CEO is responsible for handing in detailed reports to the Chair of the Board of Directors on quarterly bases.

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