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Current Business Research Project Paper Pg. 1 Current Business Research Project Paper RES/341 February 13, 2011 Jeff Greene Current Business Research Project Paper Pg. 2 I have decided to do my research on Neural Gender Differences in Online Trust. I find this research to be very interesting and informative because a lot of people do feel that there isn’t any differences that go on in the online world with trust. This research seems like it will help a lot of marketers find where they need to work on in certain areas to grab the attention of certain gender consumers. This research was done to show that online trust is very much associated with activity changes in certain areas of the brain. There have actually been numerous studies that have been done to try and figure out this particular study about the trust in the online environment. This study will be able to help IS research along with management as well as marketing to capture the attempts to influence behavior. Information in the past hasn’t been able to explain why these different gender differences even exist. There was a lab experiment done that was able to capture the brain activity of ten male and 10 female participants that captured their decisions on trustworthiness on EBay offers. It was found that the brain areas that involve trustworthiness really do differ between men and women, and the women did activate more brain areas than the men did. The results did end up being that there are gender differences in neural information processing modes. It was also determined that one gender is actually more trustworthy than the other. Women are actually more trustworthy than men. This study also helps to contribute to a better understanding of the factors influencing the perceived trustworthiness that is found through Internet offers, and in general the online shopping trust.
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